Feature Request: Measurements and Collaborative Annotation in Standalones and VR

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  • Is it possible to have the collaborative annotation features added to the standalone exports for a better collaboration with clients? The feature in the standard Enscape software is very good but our clients do not have Revit/Rhino/etc in order to run the standard Enscape software needed for collaborating.

    Is there any progress in adding measurements to Enscape and would this feature be available both standard Enscape software as well as the Exe and Web Standalones?

    Lastly, would it be possible to enable the collaborative annotations and measurements while using VR?

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    Welcome to our Forum dschloss ! :)

    While I will happily forward all of your Feedback to state the further demand for these functionalities, there aren't any news I could share with you at the moment when it comes to the implementation of these. Still, as always, stay tuned of course for future updates we're releasing and let me know in case you have any further wishes or inquiries.