Artificial Lighting in Sketchup

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  • Interesting video. For example the light source size radius control is a nice feature. But how to get it controlled at Rhino? I'm not sure it is possible, but it could be useful, if the size could be set 0 and the specular effect is invisible. (I know this possibility from Vray and there it helps to fill spaces with light without specular effect everwhere.) Couldn't the unused shadow slider not be used? Also it could be great if the size parameter could be used to adjust the softness of the shadow too, like in the real world - bigger light, softer shadow.

    Also interesting to see - the linear light. I never used it. Looks like the light distribution at 5:06 needs some improvements. I tried to use it as a long wall washer but without success.

    Same here regarding the linear light. I tried to use a combination of both linear and rect light to achieve wall washer but not successful as well.