Want to understand the closest vector of Enscape development?

  • Hey! I think Enscape is the best tool ever! But as a phonata, it worries me which path of renewal the company has chosen! Your competitors are improving the product in the right direction, without even asking about it on the forum, they publish a roadmap, pushing to vote.

  • Bashkatov , thanks for your post!

    First off, just to make sure you're aware, we have a dedicated roadmap provided on the bottom of our features page here. But, of course, at the moment we do not provide an open roadmap where users can actively add upvotes to. This is all handled internally, which means that every vote inside or outside of the Forum will be taken into account. Perhaps we are going to provide something similar to the public as well in the future like seen above, but for now, it isn't planned.

  • I know your roadmap and have been closely following the development of Enscape. All updates starting from version 3.0 do not improve the quality of indirect reflections and materials! and the added features are not yet complete and need improvement !! users regularly write about them on the forum !!!!

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    1. I am using Revit. Is Vectorstock 2022 support useless for me? 2. Not everyone uses batch panorama, many people use animation !! What has not yet been brought to mind!. 3. New assets without editing their color are useless !!! 4. You can mix resources in the program, you can duplicate this function if everything else is ok! Where are the new types of materials, total reflection, refraction in glass, SSS or new features, can you really appreciate what you've already done?<img src="https://forum.enscape3d.com/wcf/index.php?attachment/30603-2332-jpg/&thumbnail=1" class="woltlabAttachment" data-attachment-id="30603" id="wcfImgAttachment0"> This is how the release notes should be !! And no subscription model !!!! you can just buy!
  • I have been watching D5 render very closely after hearing about it on another post here. I think at the current state of time Enscape is still better in a lot of aspects which is why I still push to use it on the majority of my firms projects. That being said I do like the way D5 is looking into the future and its developmental path.

    Taking Enscape's recent track record of roadmaps and comparing it to D5, the difference is night and day. D5 appears to be focused more on creating solid features for users vs Enscape who is more focused on creating a polished UI and spreading out to the most modeling software's as possible. I think if Enscape polled feedback from everyone included people on this forum, most would rather have the tools they need to create great rendering in the software over having the UI look pretty and be easy to use.

    I'm interested to see how this plays out because I could easily see D5 overtaking Enscape in a few update cycles if the current rates of development continue. If things like the Trello board aren't brought back(you guys keep saying you'll think about bringing it back and never do) and using actual user feedback from the people like Herbo, Tas_1985, Pieter, Nuge, and many others who exemplify what is possible in Enscape, I don't see people sticking around much longer to pay those increased subscription fees.

    Just my two cents, do what you want with it. :thumbsup: