Ortographic views in Archicad

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  • Hi!

    How can I set exactly the same ortographic views as I have in Archicad? Somehow I have a different angle in Enscape as in Archicad (Perspective views are all synchronized directly correctly). Maybe I´m doing someting wrong?

    I would like to make Enscape-rendered sections/Elevations, so I could then overlap them with 2D vector-lined Elevations from Archicad.

    Tnx for help!

    Btw, it would be cool to have an option to search among these threads, so I could easily see if anyone already started a similar topic.

    • Official Post

    tjasak , using keywords you should still find existing threads about the topics you're looking for, of course only if there have been ongoing discussions before. The search function can still be a bit finicky sometimes, I have to admit.

    Regarding your question though: You can always make use of the following hotkeys as well:

    NumPad 5 Top View
    NumPad 2 Front View (set direction of view to project north)
    NumPad 8 Back View (set direction of view to project south)
    NumPad 4 Left View (set direction of view to project east)
    NumPad 6 Right View (set direction of view to project west)
    NumPad 0 Return to the currently selected Named View
    PageUp / PageDown Previous View / Next View

    I hope this helps, and hopefully, you do actually have a NumPad section available with your current keyboard. :)