Floorplan Navigation Overlay

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  • Just a thought, but this is something that you can do in the Kolor Panotour software, that I found to be super helpful. Namely, creating a custom floorplan overlay which identifies your location when moving through the panoramic tour. I thought it would be quite useful to have a similar feature in Enscape, which allows you in the .exe file to integrate a small floorplan in one corner, with a view direction icon that moves around the floorplan, corresponding to your location in the model. I'm sure it would be easier to implement in Revit with a dedicated floor plan layer, but perhaps in Sketchup, the user could create a scene with a section cut to define the floorplan. Just a thought.

    Not sure if this makes sense. Ultimately, I am suggesting a way to visually navigate the 3D by seeing a 2D map. Preferably a floorplan.

  • Hi guys, thanks for your valuable feedback! This topic is already on our agenda and just got an upvote from you.