The View Panel changes ratio / size of viewport render

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  • Turning on the view management panel (or any side panel) changes the image size / aspect of the render

    I am usign the black bars so the image should stay the same size but it changes size if the panel is on or not

    Can we please float that panel or fix it so it doesnt change the ratio/size of the render.

    or even better some decent camera matching ability with an alpha channel

    I am using the interface trick to montage and its very frustrating trying to get the image to render correctly as you have to match every step perfectly every time you render something

    the viewport should just be the viewport.......



  • Hi DC8Studio

    I was not able to reproduce this issue with our latest release.

    I tried this using a block for a model and aligning the viewport to the edges top and bottom and have the shadow align in some way to the left edge so I know what should be in the viewport with the correct aspect ratio.

    I also tested this with both the View Management and the Video Editor, in both cases my viewport stayed the same, the black bars changed accordingly to compensate for the overlay to keep the image correct.

    The aspect ratio / image size only did not stay the same when the Safe Frame function was turned off.

    Can you verify you are using our latest release as found here?

    If so and this is still occurring for you, please send us a feedback report via the Enscape Feedback Button and add a link to this thread in the description.