Driver update causing problems

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  • Hey there lovely people,

    This morning I downloaded and installed the latest studio driver version 472.12.

    This update seems to create a communication breakdown between SketchUp and Enscape.

    A newly opened file behaves normally for a little while but as time progresses both S & E seem to get caught up in processing the info, little blue circle spinning for ages on Sketchup.

    I have been having to shut down and restart every 10 or so minutes as it becomes impossible to get any work done.

    Even setting Enscape to draft render mode and making the window as small as possible makes no difference.

    Please help!



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    houseofmanuela , I'm sorry to hear about that and thanks a lot for reporting this right away.

    In the very first instance, definitely please send us a Feedback report with your logs so that we can find the cause behind this problem as quickly as possible if we're not already working on it. Please also do not forget to briefly add what you posted here as well in the Feedback submission form - thank you!

    Also, after sending in the report, you may of course want to temporarily downgrade your drivers again until this is being resolved so that you can keep on using Enscape.