Enscape for 3dsMax

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  • Good morning, great enscape team.

    I come again to ask the question about the enscape for 3dsmax. I see that you are already present in several programs and we cannot ignore that 3dsMax is one of the best modeling programs for rendering. For that reason I can't wait to experience the full power of the escape inside him. I believe 3dsMax + Enscape would be the perfect set. Modeling Power + Rendering Power.

    do you have any good news for us that we're looking forward to seeing this happen:?:


  • Lucas Garnacho , unfortunately, I'll have to tell you that 3DS Max support is not something we're currently tackling. We're focusing on other areas at the moment but of course, as with any upvote, yours will also be taken into account when it comes to this particular feature request. :)