Mac Support Main Overview Thread

Please note: Should you experience issues with Enscape or your subscription, and in case of any urgent inquiries/questions (e.g. regarding our upcoming licensing changes) please reach out to our dedicated support team via the Help Center or Support button as detailed here.
  • Thanks, Enscape team for this much-awaited release
    I tested it and it works perfectly on my Mac M1 MAX 64 GB ( Smaller files )

    Unfortunately, it can't open any of my bigger files ( 100MB upwards )
    I know it's the beta version - but just wanted to highlight this point.

    Would be great to see how it could handle Larger files.

    Hi Ranjit

    if possible could you provide us a example project file that does not work for you? 100MB poject is not that big, there might be some other reasons why it does not work.

  • I use both laptops for business (and Enscape):

    - MacBook Pro (16", Late 2021) Apple M1 Max / 64GB RAM / 2TB SSD / $4203.13

    - Razer Blade (15" Advanced, Late 2021) Intel Core i9 / NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 / 32GB RAM / 1TB SSD / $3230.26

    As soon as the Enscape MacOSX beta allows for batch rendering I'll post benchmarks and SketchUp source file.

  • Hi everyone,

    I have just installed the beta version of enscape on my macbook pro 16" 2021 with a M1 Max and 64 GB RAM.

    When I open the enscape application, nothing happens, in the extensions on sketchup I can't find the enscape elements. Does anyone have the same problem? What is the procedure to install the enscape extension on sketchup?

    Thank you in advance for your comments

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    Welcome to our Forum! :)

    Another user in this thread stated that it helped to reinstall SketchUp 2021, and afterward, he also made sure that the SketchUp plugins folder was cleaned up - It should not be required to uninstall other plugins, but it may still be worth a try if that is a possibility for you. If not, I'd still definitely suggest uninstalling Enscape and SketchUp entirely, and then re-installing SketchUp first of course followed by Enscape.

    If that does not do the trick just get back to me and we'll dig deeper!

  • I use both laptops for business (and Enscape):

    - MacBook Pro (16", Late 2021) Apple M1 Max / 64GB RAM / 2TB SSD / $4203.13

    - Razer Blade (15" Advanced, Late 2021) Intel Core i9 / NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 / 32GB RAM / 1TB SSD / $3230.26

    As soon as the Enscape MacOSX beta allows for batch rendering I'll post benchmarks and SketchUp source

  • Thanks, Demian Gutberlet

    It finally opens,
    However, its extremely slow and choppy while navigating

    I've shared the actualy SKP file with Alexander Devaykin for this review and test

    Please list hardware specs when indicating performance. Computer model, year, RAM, HD. Or take small screenshot of Apple>About this Mac.

  • Just installed Enscape Beta on an M1 Max MacBook Pro - Enscape Beta only runs SketchUp 21 version, but yes, Enscape Beta runs on the M1 Max in SU 2021 version. It Exports renders nicely.

    Pros - No more PC Mode - No Bootcamp or Parallels needed - Enscape Beta runs on the Mac natively and on an M1 Max!! FINALLY!!!

    Cons - No Video support for movie exports, no batch rendering support, just screenshot renders.

    Anyone else using this yet? anyone see a way to export video flythroughs?


    SketchUp in Paradise!

  • Anyone know when the asset library will be available for Mac OS? Any workarounds for getting assets loaded for now? I tried copy / pasting assets from another model that was built on PC but no luck thus far. Can assets be downloaded online and then plugged in to the model?

  • It's great to know Enscape is now beta for Mac users! Thanks to the Enscape team!
    I've got an issue when I open a large file, Enscape won't work. Nothing will show in the Enscape window.
    And some files just work perfectly. But sometimes SketchUp feels heavy or crashes, not stable.
    I find out Enscape is not using much GPU on M1 Max. (By iStat Menus)
    SketchUp 2021 (21.1.331) + Enscape works in Intel64, not ARM64. SketchUp 2022 works in native ARM64, I feel it is smoother. (By Silicon info)
    Maybe when Enscape can work on SketchUp 2022 with native ARM64, will it be able to get faster? Or more combined with the M1 ARM system?
    Hope Enscape will work smoothly on Mac soon. I'm a Twinmotion and Lumion user on PC, and I'm going to start learning Enscape for my MacBook right now!

    MacBook Pro 16 / M1 Max 64GB-RAM / 1T-SSD / macOS-12.4

  • Hey Enscape team + Demian Gutberlet

    So we're getting issues when rendering 360 mono panoramas at 'high' output ... we've noticed flecks at the bottom of materials as shown in the attachments.

    This isn't reproduced when we render 360 mono panoramas at 'normal' output, the image is perfect. This also isn't reproduced when we render normal 'screenshot' images. They come out perfectly too.

    Our rendering quality is set to 'ultra'.

    Any idea what the cause of these flecks on the materials are ?


  • Hi SandyCohen

    Thank you fore reporting this issue. We didn't see it yet. May I ask you to share project file with us so we could have a direct look at your case?

    I'll record it as a bug anyway, but repro case should let us fix it quicker :)

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    Demian Gutberlet.....Hallo &thumbnail=1please tell me why enscape 3d models are not available for mac

    Welcome to our Forum 2dartistuz .

    We're still in the process of adding other remaining functionalities (like the Asset Library) which are available for non-Mac users already. At this point, we ask you to kindly stay tuned for further updates in the near future as we've only just released our first version of the open Mac Beta. :)

  • Hi Demian Gutberlet  Alexander Devaykin

    We're having great fun playing around with Enscape beta, the results so far are really encouraging and we're eagerly awaiting the release of the video editor and the asset library...

    We are however having issues with the Web Standalone upload...

    Curious to know if you're aware that the Web standalone upload on the BETA doesn't show the same material qualities and lighting as what it does in Enscape / SketchUp. We were hoping when you upload to Web standalone it would be a like for like - so you can prep the model within SketchUp / Enscape and when you want to show a client you could upload to the Web Standalone and they'd see exactly what we've created....

    Are we right in assuming this should this be the case?

    The main problems we see are the below...

    We have various metal materials which show perfectly within Enscape main window, but when we use the Web upload they don't crossover, they show as dark grey / black.

    The issue with the lighting is unfortunately even worse, the web standalone version is totally different to what is setup in SketchUp + Enscape. The Web version lacks any atmosphere and is quite dark in comparison.

    The same issue for video textures - they don't play when uploaded to Web standalone.

    Also - as a bit of feedback, disabling WASD is quite frustrating indeed. As a MAC user on a laptop these keys are positioned perfectly for moving around the model, using the arrow keys is not user friendly. It would be great to have an option to enable WASD.

    Is there a roadmap planned for the above fixes?

    In the meantime if there's something we can do to avoid the above happening going forward it would be great to know :)



  • Hi SandyCohen

    Glad to hear your enthusiasm regarding the Mac beta so far!

    The Web Standalone is unfortunately not a 1-on-1 and will show equivalent to our 'Draft' rendering mode, this is the same when not on Mac, this is simply due to technical limitations, you can find more information on the limitations in our Knowledgebase article here as well.

    Video textures are also not supported due to these limitations, it seems we hadn't added that to the list yet, however.

    Should there still be a big difference between your project and the Web Standalone then you can of course contact us to see what might be causing this.

    Some example images of the 'Draft' quality project vs. the Web Standalone would be helpful in that case.

    Regarding the disabling of WASD controls for Web Standalones, this is due to some key combinations that are often made as mentioned by Alexander in this post.

    You can however forward your feedback directly via our Public Voting Portal here to our Product Management team.