Mac Support Main Overview Thread

REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.
  • Sorry, I was kidding.

    I did not test the Mac Beta so far (as I use Vectorworks or Bricscad)

    but I am pretty sure there would not be any problem on my M1 Mini,

    as long a Macbook Air M1 is recommended.

    The Mac Mini seems to just be forgotten in the Spec Sheet.

  • Just looking to upgrade my M1 MacBook Air 2020 and have a budget of about £2.5k.

    Need it to be a laptop and want to stick with Apple. This is for use with Sketchup Pro, producing occasional mainly architectural renders, small to medium internal and external scenes, of mainly residential buildings.

    I have priced up the 2 following/attached Specs on Apple Store. Is it a no brainer that the M1 Pro 14" with higher CPU, GPU and RAM, will perform better than the M2 Pro 13"? Or will pushing the boat out by another £600, make a markable noticeable difference (M1 Max with 64GB RAM)??

    I'm not worried about display size, as use an external/secondary display.


  • Hi guys!

    I've a win license. On my NEW Macbook M1 pro (16/16), I can work only in demo mode.

    Could I use the same license of window machine? and where I could download the workable app? Or it's the same and I've just to add a license number?

    Thank you.


    PS Under M1 pro 16GB 16 GPU, works fine, although it isn't a speed daemon, of course, but it does works.

  • Hi Toscano - no you can’t unfortunately with a demo/trial license. I enquired about this with Enscape and they told me that I would need to register another email address to obtain a separate demo license for Windows (I’m also on MacBook M1).

  • I've a win license. On my NEW Macbook M1 pro (16/16), I can work only in demo mode.

    Could I use the same license of window machine? and where I could download the workable app? Or it's the same and I've just to add a license number?

    Thank you.

    Hi Toscano,

    great to hear that you like Enscape on your Mac.

    Our full licenses are platform agnostic, meaning that they work on both Windows and Mac. If you have two seats in your full license you can even use it at the same time on both machines. With one seat in the license we highly recommend a floating license if you want to switch from machine to machine regularly.

    Once you have put in your valid license on your MBP Enscape should work as intended. Nevertheless, it would always be a good idea to check if there are any updates available.

    I hope this information was useful to you.

  • Hi suguru,

    By any chance, do you happen to have Monterey Beta as an OS ? I ask because I spent days figuring out that the root cause for all my issues (multiple crashes of the app, of macOS, multiple kernel panics, and even DFSFileProviderExtension errors) were due to my being on MacOS Monterey beta channel .

    Once I reverted to stable release (currently Monterey 12.6), everything works like a charm. I can even bake some renderings now, which was impossible less than an hour ago.

    my config :

    MacBook Pro 14 2021

    Apple M1 Max 10-Core/GPU32-Core 64 GB

  • Hi suguru,

    thank you for the message and inquiry.

    We limit testing Enscape on BETA OS installations because the manufacturer´s code is not yet fixed and can change at any time. Every fix or workaround on our side would cost us a lot of time to figure out while the code basis for the problem in the BETA OS could be changed by then.

    We are currently facing this problem with Encape crashing regularly in the BETA of the upcoming Ventura OS for Mac and it is extremely hard to find a fix for the problem since Apple puts up some strict walls that make it hard to access helpful information on the reliability and performance of third party apps. For this reason we discourage our users to put production workflow installations on machines that run either BETA OS or non-stable clients of Enscape itself. Reliability is limited in these situations. We hope for you understanding. And good to hear that Enscape runs well for you on stable 12.6! Thank you for this feedback.

  • Dear Enscape Support,

    Since some time we moved whole team to use Enscape on Mac. Apple devices are ours main tool. Unfortunately we are having a lot of troubles and crashing using sketchup 2022 with Enscape for Mac . I noticed that Enscape is freezing during material import or its usually crashing on files bigger then 100 mb. Is there any limit hints why this can happen ? Its is quite difficult to work that way without knowing what is a issue. We are trying to keep files organizes and clean but sometimes of course they are bigger then 100mb. We dont have this issues when we run same file on windows computer.

    Ours basic laptops: MacBook Pro 2022 14/16 inch m1max 32 ram 24/32 graphic cores

    Thank You for any help and feedback. Looking forward for your help !

    All best


  • You are not alone here! I've had Sketchup crash left and right since installing Escape for Mac, often 10-30 times a day. After sending SketchUp all my Bugsplat info they've told me Enscape is at the root of all my crashes since installing. Enscape, please contact me so I can share the crash reports from SketchUp.

  • I've had a few users having issues with SketchUp on Mac who are using Google Drive - I have similar issues sometimes with OneDrive as my computer automatically tries to sync some of the folders that Enscape places assets and things in.

    I suggest you disable any cloud storage/network syncing you may have running and try again.

  • Hi jankozerski and suguru

    As Adam mentioned, it is good to check if you are using cloud storage in connection to Enscape, and to try and disable this as we don't support this.

    If that didn't help it would be good to receive the log files from one of your machines where you experience this, you can send these to us via a feedback report as seen here.

    Please also add a link to this thread in the description for context.

  • I am not running any cloud storage, and I have sent my SketchUp BugSplats to your team. Enscape is not crashing so I don't have any log files to give you. Enscape is causing SketchUp to crash. PLEASE FIX THIS, THIS IS INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING!!!!!! I'm crashing 30x a day! Feel free to call me if you'd like my help resolving this more, this is not a professional-grade software release and you shouldn't be charging people the full price for it.

  • Hi suguru

    Sorry to hear about your experience. 30 times is a very high number and we would really like to have a look at your Enscape log files for any information that could be leading to a solution of this issue.

    To send us your log files so manually you will have to make hidden files visible in the Finder. To do this make sure that you are in the Finder (see if “Finder” is written in the top left, next to the Apple symbol) and hit “Command” + “Shift” + “.” together once.

    Then go to Macintosh HD -> users -> [your user folder] -> Library -> Application Support -> Enscape -> Data -> Logs

    Please copy the 10 most recent files in this folder and send them to us.

    After you have sent the log file to us you can set the visibility of hidden files back to its usual state by pressing “Command” + “Shift” + “.” together once more while in the Finder. Hidden files should now be invisible again.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Yes, it's an obscene amount and insanely frustrating. I have just sent ALL my Enscape crash logs to the Enscape Support email you provided. When I uninstall Enscape SketchUp no longer crashes.

  • Daniel SchuesslerKaeferle thank you for contacting me. I wish you were able to help more but unfortunately, there was no solution found.

    Let me be clear on something, I LOVE Enscape as a program (in theory), it's an industry leader and game-changer in the market, but in practice, I'm absolutely exhausted from crashing and reporting multiple crashes every day I work on Enscape. Enscape for Mac has completely let me down, selling a product that is not complete and not reliable for prime time. If this was provided at a heavy discount or in Beta (as it should be) I would be fine with the multiple daily crashes. But I have spent good money on this program, and after working with multiple customer support agents and engineers for months, I have been informed by Alexander Devaykin that there is nothing more they can do for me as the problems still insist, even after having bought an expensive new M1 Macbook Pro as I was told my system was the issue. Finally, I have been told to wait till the end of this year for the next "Mac release when it will be out - it will much more stable." #defeated :thumbdown:

  • I too am experiencing frustration with multiple crashes and the lack of functionality of the Mac version of Enscape+Sketchup. I downloaded a custom asset collection from TurboSquid as a OBJ file. It was expensive. In the Enscape Asset Library, There is no path for adding custom assets. What am I missing? Is this a feature that is not available on the Mac version of Enscape for Sketchup? That is a critical flaw. If we as Mac users don't have access to importing custom assets into the Enscape Asset Library, then I have to ask the very serious question "Is Enscape even the right rendering software for me?". Why would I even buy this program if it lacks critical functionality that other rendering softwares offer?

    I am still waiting for an answer to this question that I have asked in multiple threads. Crickets......

    Please help. We have real deadlines, on real projects. Us Mac users are running out of patience. Thank you.