Wrong EXR output

  • Hello,

    I have this strange issue that I haven't seen before, While rendering from Sketchup if I save the image as EXR it comes up pink. I tried to open it in Photoshop, Fusion, Nuke it always comes Pink and double like a stereo image.

    I have checked all setting and still same proble. if I save the image as JPG or PNG then it look correct.

    Any ideas?

  • I'm sorry to hear about that fco3d - Could you perhaps attach one of these problematic EXR files? Just to make sure, you're also using our latest release, correct? Does it also perhaps help if you reduce the output resolution? (Just for testing purposes.) It also can't hurt to send in a Feedback report as described here so that we check out your log files as well for any potential problems. (Please do not forget to add a link to this thread for example in the Feedback submission form itself for reference)