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  • At 3:20pm I got an email asking me to make a couple of small edits to a model.

    Its now 530pm ....

    In that 2 hours, I made the edits, re-rendered 8 HD videos, 17 4k stills and 9 8k panos, I've re-exported the deliverable videos (titles music etc) and republished a full pano tour.


  • Well done!

    Watch out though, delivering that much in such a short timeframe might become the expected norm!

    Personally, I've learned to "hold back" a bit to temper expectations.;) Things won't always go that smoothly.

    PS. this is more of a comment on our industry than Enscape.

  • This was/is the project: https://www.tours.blockcpm.studio/lancaster-pk/tour/

    This started as a "could we have a couple of views of the kitchen/dining area?" once they saw them it became "could we have a full tour?" now after seeing the above its "we want 8 more tours of the other house types on the development" .... yea!

    Sang Bui Recognise anything? .... Have a look in the bedrooms :)


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