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  • I am asking this for what feels like the tenth time. Why does the new interface have to reload the Revit model every single time you change a view compared to the Views Tab from 2.9 that you were just able to jump camera position and not have to reload large Revit models each time you wanted to change views. It is a workflow that adds an excessive amount of time to the workflow for what I see as absolutely no gain in use or function of the program, Also this time I would like to know more of why and if there is an actual plan for this going forward rather than just hearing that other users have also expressed the same sentiment. Is Enscape addressing this, or ignoring the issues that happen to users with larger models?

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    nwergin , thanks a lot for your Feedback.

    With Preview 4 we've already added an option to allow for the geometry reload to be disabled if required - even though we do not recommend the preview for production purposes itself (since it can be unstable) you can give it a try yourself by acquiring our latest preview (now version 5) here.

    If you wish to share any further feedback regarding this subject or Enscape in general let me know as well of course.