Object clipping in reflection of mirror

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  • Can someone help me out on why the objects are getting clipped in the reflection of mirror. When I move the camera around or closer to the mirror it appears normal but when I move it to the back for a full view the objects are getting clipped. All the nvidia setting in the general settings tab are enabled and rendering quality is on ultra too.

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    Hey kappa - I'm afraid, even with a dedicated RTX card that helps with improving so-called "off-screen reflections", real-time rendering limitations will still display such behaviour. Please kindly have a look at this FAQ article we've created here to give you a more detailed explanation and some potential workarounds/improvement solutions.

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    kappa , we're constantly working on improving our real-time reflections, you can be assured of that - this kind of behaviour will still come up for a while longer so in the meantime the things you can do are: Reducing the overall geometry complexion of models you wish to see in reflections (or use more simple models in the first place) - I know this isn't always ideal but our reflections prefer to display objects which are less complex to reduce performance. Alongside you can also play with the perspective in your scene of course and/or move them closer to the actual mirror which also usually helps in case you haven't tried it with some other objects yet.