"Construction mode" walk-through

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  • I would like to be able to stand at a specific location on-site and use a tablet as a window to view the proposed model in a shaded* mode with dimension lines. (Ie create a panorama or load the whole model into a tablet window then tell it where I am.) I don't want to have a separate 'low rez' model - just turn off the pretty bits so that tradesmen/clients don't get distracted by it not looking perfect or discussing finishes when I only want to discuss size and space.

    *I'm using SU's terminology, but no textures, shine or bump applied - just a base colour.

    ... If the dimension lines were in the native geometry then that's great but I would really like not to have to do this - if I could click and click to get a size between two points that would be great... but that's already in another idea/request thread.

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    Hey Gadget , thank you for your request.

    So I suppose you want a similar output like this:

    The model would of course not be displayed in wire-frame, this is just an example. Maybe you'd like to just make use of the White Mode and add the requested dimension lines?

    if I could click and click to get a size between two points that would be great... but that's already in another idea/request thread.

    Yes, this is on our agenda and we're aware of the demand. :) We plan to implement this functionality in the future, but there is no ETA I can give you yet.

  • That would work, but I was thinking more like SU's "Shaded" mode so that you can get more definition with colour blocks.

    Actually, as a tool on-site - it would be useful if you could use the in-built camera on a mobile device to replace the skybox so that the model is overlayed on the 'preview' input from the camera.

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    Gadget , okay, allow me to rehearse, you'd like to create standalone file with the look of SketchUp's "shaded" mode, in which you're able to see the corresponding dimension lines displayed, like shown in the picture above, where the skybox is replaced with the output of the built in camera of the mobile device at hand? :)

  • Not necessarily a stand-alone file - it depends on how you (Enscape) are thinking on implementing a web based walk-through.

    The concept is to be on-site, tell the app where you are in the model (how your physical position in reality relates to the camera position in the model) and be able to wave it about so that you see the model in that space. Bonus points if you were able to move and the app kept track of where you were and moved the camera to match your movements.

    The transparent background was/is just a bit of fancy AR to further anchor the model into the site. In this case throwing a transparent ground shadow (as in another request) would be useful too.

    Now you are standing in a room and can 'see' the model - I want to ask it "how far is it from here to here?" or "how much space do I have left if I put this here?" or "this wall has to be <measure> from this opening." or "the ceiling height here is <measure>"... etc. Alternatively I can pass it to a tradesman and they can use it themselves to look at/for the size they need at the time.(*)

    In any scenario where I am measuring or looking at space or the relationship between various elements I think that the texture finish gets in the way and is distracting. This is why I want to be able to keep the navigation and shading but remove the pretty polish.

    Outlines I imagine would just work the way the do now.

    (*Edit - This does not necessarily have to be dynamic: if this was already a dimension layer in the model where you could see the text (inc notes) and throw lines, that would work too)

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    Gadget , thank you for the detailed response.

    So you don't necessarily like to see this implemented into our "main" Enscape directly, nor into our current standalone files, but provide this functionality once we implement a WebGL version of Enscape which can be viewed mobily, on a smartphone or tablet for example. Is that correct?

  • I think that the webGL version would be the best fit for what I'm looking for: trying to implement for the others would involve taking all the hardware necessary to run it with you... while possible, I doubt it's very practical. I'm sure similar could be (is being?) done just now.

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    Gadget , I've filed your feature request "WebGL standalone with dimension lines" accordingly. Thank you for your feedback. ;)