Lost access to cloud storage form previous ID.

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  • I have previously asked this i the license problems/Questions thread, but never got an answer.

    I changed from network license to single online in may/june and then all my previous cloud storage is suddenly no logner avable to me!

    The links to web standalones an panoramas (that i saved in notes and links) are still working.

    But I can't access and remove them or re download the panoramas for instance.

    The ID apparently changed when I changed from Network license to personal sign in. But i still NEED to access those old links. Among other things to remove those I can no longer update and the links are shared with other for demonstration purposes.

    Please help me to learn how I can get access to those again. Do I need to provide some information regarding the previous license to access them?


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    JPM AEC , I'm sorry we haven't gotten back to you yet - in this case, Web standalones, as well as panoramas that have been uploaded, will remain accessible via the provided links regardless of the license.

    Panoramas should show up in the uploads management as before but WebStandalones will no longer show up in the uploads management, as they are attached to the license. However, they still exist on our servers and we could assign those to the new license to make them appear in the uploads management as well if you would like that.

    In general, if you're using Enscape 3.0 or higher, we recommend using the upload management function within the license centre account as this is independent of the license type.

    I hope this helps! :)

  • Thanks for the reply. Sorry for returning late, but apparently I get no mail notifications when I get answers. Will see to that.

    I can see neither previous panoramas nor web standalones in my Upload Management in Revit. Would they be listed regardless of Revit and Enscape version? I have upgraded to 3.n since they were originally exported in 2.something. And also ofcourse I got anotehr license form.

    I don't want to send you the links to these standalones publicly in this forum for you to identify them and move them to my present account.

    So how do we go about doing that?
    I do have a key to my previous network(?) license. Is it neccessary to identify my previous uploads? I can send it to you privately if it is of use.
    What I have otherwise is just the links to some previous uploads if that is enough to identify whiich ones to move to my personal account.

    And what is the "upload management function within the license centre account?". Is that something my license administrators may have? Or can I see it myself on my Enscape account somewhere?