Proxy + Geolocation Troubleshoot.

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  • Hi everyone!

    I'm working on a large rendering with a colleague. We are using proxies so that we each have our own file to work in. Our set up is like this:

    Model A imports Model B. Model B is then exported as a proxy, overwriting the original Model B file. Close out Model A. (We import and then export so that we can make both models align perfectly)

    Model B is then opened, Model A imported, and the same process is repeated. Each model now has a loaded proxy of the other. This is nice because we can each reference what the other is doing. Thankfully, Enscape recognizes this and doesn't create a feedback loop.

    This method works almost perfectly EXCEPT that each model has their geolocation and orientation set before even messing with proxies. After each model is overwritten (during proxy export), their geolocations becomes inaccurate. If we reset the geolocation and reposition the models from that point on, then the proxy files will no longer be aligned correctly. Is there a way to combat this? Perhaps there is a step I'm missing or a better method that I'm not thinking of?