Web export initial view?

  • gsucci , views are not yet available in our Web Standalones - that will be subject to change in the future though and we're very well aware of the demand for this.

    Furthermore, simply select any Revit/Enscape view you like before exporting the Web Standalone(s) and that selected 3D view will then be the default starting position as well.

    I hope this helps!

    Edit: Phil was a bit quicker than me. ;)

  • Damian, Phil,

    once the web Standalone is exported, by accessing it from "Manage Uploads" and clicking on the link, it will NOT show the original Revit view from which the scene was generated, nor the view selected in Enscape before clicking "Web Standalone".

    That view is used only right after exporting, when the web browser opens.

    However, when we use the link to the Web standalone, the view will reset to some out in space target point.... The Eye point seem to be the same, just the target point is off.