Enscape preview and final video output doesn't match (

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  • Hi,

    I bought a new license to do some tests for a potential big project - an air plane interior. At ultra quality I get so much splotchy GI noise that I need to use "medium" quality. So, I can use the skyboy env for direct lighting the interior. The GI calculation isn't so realistic anymore, but quite noise free. My problem is, that if I render an animation, than the output looks much darker, more like if I would use the slider at "ultra" but with the direct influence of the skybox. So, I need to start an animation output to adjust the right look.

    Next problem: the screenshot output match the preview and so, my video setup can't be used for the still image output.

    (If I could set a higher GI quality in "ultra" mode than I could work in "ultra" mode. But the GI noise is extremely and unusable for the animation. Is there a chance to get an independent GI qulaity control please? I have approx. 1s render time, it would be no problem for me to get 2s or more and I don't need to find a working workaround.)