Mirror Reflection Issues

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    KOSEY-19 , you can check out the following FAQ article when it comes to limitations of our reflections (or limitations for real-time reflections generally) here.

    Reflecting mirrors faithfully is generally not possible at the moment, nor is this something which is overall available in any real-time application, besides a few select games and such in which raytracing is being utilized. But, without raytracing and a lot of performance, reflecting reflections is not possible and certainly not something like a infinite mirror as an extreme example.

    Finally, we're also constantly improving the quality of our reflections in general - There'll always be technical limitations, but especially with the help of raytracing and hardware getting better and better we'll eventually be able to offer more advanced results, until one day it may actually be possible to simulate an infinite mirror even, at least to an extent in which the illusion would work, since an actual infinite amount of reflections would not be possible (without tricks).

  • I understand the reason for capping reflection draw distance for rendering in real time but what about still images?? It's a little embarrassing having to explain to a client that the render engine just can't handle realistic mirrors... Enscape also appears to be cutting corners even on screenspace reflections??

    Both images I've attached were rendered using "ultra" settings.

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    I can understand the frustration Leo.Hursh . It's a topic we're constantly working on improving and we are also routinely receiving complaints about reflections not being perfect yet - We wish it would also be as simple as allowing more objects to be rendered for stills, but the way our engine currently works it's just not that straightforward. That does not mean that we're not very well aware of the demand for this. I'll forward your Feedback to our product management team as well.

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    Demian Gutberlet could we have a new option for path-tracing especially for still images ? it will be amazing also

    Are you referring to the ability to have (complex) path-tracing implemented for stills without an RTX card / modern AMD card? Should that be the case then is not going to be something we'll be able to simply achieve anytime soon, since that would fall into the category of what an offline rendering engine does too, but our focus will remain on real-time rendering of course.

  • Thea Render engine has 3render engines inside of it, we can implement something like that RealTime one for fast work and the other one can be implemented to reach high end realistic scenes like Corona render ..

    I'm just discussing about the reflection problems ?, or we can have more time for still imaged to enable Enscape to calculate light and reflections properly