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  • Chair Massage Haruko, Onsite Massage or Seated Massage... No matter what you call it, as a massage therapist, you need to have the training and expertise for your practice to be fully actualizing the possibilities that exist in the market place. One of the most important marketing advantages of this approach is that you can go to where the clients are and they can observe the work being performed. The client is more likely to use our services when they see it and see others taking advantage our services. Read more: ghế massage toàn thân

    From a practical perspective the cost of getting started requires a minimum investment that can be recouped in a weekend or two of events. There is no laundry, no lotion or oil expense. Your overhead costs are small and your ROI(return on investment) is high. In our current economic situation this is an incredible advantage. This is a method that gives us direct access to potential clients. However most massage schools give only cursory training in this particular discipline. No matter what tool you are using you want to be as familiar as you can with all of the adjustments, advantages and limitations before you begin usage.

    Professional training in Seated Massage is the key to success. There is an advantage in learning from someone who has already achieved a goal. This reduces the learning curve and the time it takes to become successful. How to correctly use a massage chair, the most efficient system for doing the work, how not to get hurt and the most effective way for marketing Seated Massage is something they did not teach you in massage school. Click more: mua ghế massage loại nào tốt

    The depth of training for this approach at most massage schools overlooks the fact that a massage chair is a great tool for rehabilitation. It is not promoted as a therapeutic tool in your average school curriculum. My original work with a chair was when I was part of a physical therapy team. I found that for upper body work the massage chair is actually superior to working on a table. Plus the majority of the average client's complaints are upper body to wit the chair's superior applicability for this type of work. So while not overlooking possibilities for Chair Massage do not discount options for the use of the chair as a therapeutic tool either. These additional applications make you more marketable and, again, increase your bottom line.

    If we can reach more people and at the same time expand your menu of service options this give the client an opportunity to buy more and further invest in the quality of their health care. We are further utilizing equipment and skills we already possess, at no additional cost to us. This puts the incoming revenue into the profit column on expenses we have already made. Home page Haruko: Haruko - Thương hiệu chăm sóc sức khỏe hàng đầu Việt Nam

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