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  • Hi all,

    is there any way to fix a sun position in a view¿? I create a view with a sun position in revit, I save this view in enscape I move to another view and change the sun position then I go back to the save view and the sun is not in the same sun position...

    What I am doing wrong¿?


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  • Hey Alejandro,

    Here is how I do it:

    1. In Revit your Solar Study setting in the Sun Settings must be set on "Still" on the specific 3D-view that's open in Enscape. Here you also choose the date.

    2. In Enscape you'll have to create a new view after changing the sun position you want in Enscape (I think it's not possible to save the sun position after creating a new view)

    If anybody has a better workflow, please let me know :)

  • 1) In Enscape, frame the desired view at the desired time of day. Like you're taking a picture. :)
    2) Select Create View to save the view from Enscape to Revit.

    If you want to subsequently adjust time of day, date or camera it must be done in the Revit view. At present there's no way to update an existing Revit view from Enscape.

    If you want to set and/or modify the date and time for multiple views use a View Template.

    Overall this is great for being able to consistently render multiple views at the same time of day and date. Makes solar studies fast and easy.

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    Check out this tutorial.. I explained in the video how to create presets and link them to different camera views.

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