Section error in Enscape/Sketchup 2020

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  • Hello,

    I have been using Enscape for Sketchup for many months now, before that I was using 3dsmax + V-ray, so I am quite proficient in dealing with technical issues.

    Nevertheless, today I noticed a bug that I am unable to fix:
    When doing interior room renders - I often use cross sections so that I can "back up" with the camera backwards behind me, as it were.
    The problem is that Sketchup itself understands what I want to do, nevertheless in Enscape - the section plane makes most of the scene disappear (in 3dsmax it was a similar projection of distance in the camera).
    Attached is an image from my monitor that shows both situations at one point.

    Until 2 days ago everything was working as expected. I'll add that I installed the latest version of the GTX 1070Ti drivers - and after that installation I noticed this - but it shouldn't be a problem after all.

    I am asking for urgent help - I am not able to work.

    Thank you all.