Enscape Asset Naming

  • I'd like to suggest a slight modification to asset naming to facilitate filters in Revit. I assume this would benefit other software but I haven't used any of the others in so long I really don't know. Current naming format is Enscape AssetDefinition - Asset Name, which is ok, but adding in a top-level category would be helpful IMO. Instead of the existing naming, it would be something like this:

    Enscape AssetDefinition - People - Amaya, Walking

    Enscape AssetDefinition - Furniture - Armchair 13

    Enscape AssetDefinition - Vehicles - Car 02

    This would make it a lot easier to add filters to turn off certain things as needed in views, and especially while working in the project getting everything setup. I could easily create a filter for all planting categories that include 'People' in the name and then turn them off (or close the workset), speeding up the refresh time for the Enscape window (at least in theory) since those elements are not being rendered.

    thanks :)