Storing materials...can someone please elaborate on the information on Enscape's webiste

  • I am working on a model with Enscape settings which I will need to share with multiple students. I was reading through your online info on materials to see if there was anything new that I wasn't currently aware of, and read this message below. Can someone please clarify what we should pay attention to in the "gear" icon and how you adjust the storage location to let multiple users access?



    Before importing any materials, you should decide whether the project will be shared with another user for collaborative purposes. If this is the case, a storage location where all users working on a project will have access to. Therefore, you should pay attention to the ‘gear’ icon that can be found at the bottom left corner of the dialog in both the Material Library, and the Material Editor. If you do not adjust the storage location then when a project file is opened by another user, that user will not be able to access the materials assigned in the project due to the default storage location being assigned locally by default. This means that the materials assigned in the project will need to be manually reimported from the Material Library and reassigned.

  • dldieterich2 , summed up / put into other words it's important that in case you have a project on which multiple people work, including collaborative textures and all, definitely set up the directory for both the Material Library / Material Editor before importing a project so that materials would not have to be imported manually, but rather automatically since it would be linked to a shared network folder for example.

    Example screenshot after clicking the gear icon:

    So in this case, if you click on the blue hyperlink (in my case "C:\Materials") / blue folder you can set up your own directory, ideally for your situation on a shared network drive, so basically all the students who work on the same project should also set up the same directory leading to the same material folder. If that would not be done, then the Material path would just lead to the default one so no materials would be found of course.

    I hope this helps with clearing things up. If any uncertainties persist let me know of course.