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  • Hello everyone,

    I'd like to adress some things that might be very handy to use in post-production.

    Enscape has become of the better Rendering Engines out there, even for final renderening purposeses.

    Though editing pictures in Post can be quite a tease, as the info provided by encape pictures is somewhat limited.

    We used to work with V-ray here, but it was a little too complicated and took forever to render (plus we didn't need the high-end pictures anyway).

    What was awsome is there were options to enable certain Material ID's and info layers that can be used in Post.

    The more important (to me) were:


    Mat color (allready in enscape)

    Raw light

    Raw shadow



    Extra texture map (for ambient purposes)

    Most of these are self explanatory, so i wont go into detail why these might be handy.

    What I can elaborate is the reflection/refraction map:

    First of all: yes, Enscape has an option to get a material color map, usefull in POST.

    But: this map ignores the transparant materials. This can be annoying if you want to select the glass surfaces to give them a boost in post.

    I found a way to get the info by temporarily removing the transparancy from the glass, rerender and than use the Mat-col Image of said render.

    With a reflection/refraction map, this will be A LOT easier to select in post, without the work-around AND will give the needed boost to your glass instead of having to fake it in post.

    I understand that it might not be ideal to activate all these options with the push of one button, but naturally, this could be an extra tab within the output tab of the render settings.


    Keep on rendering

    • Official Post

    Thank you Kevin's design studio , this has definitely been requested before so it's a feature request on our agenda already with moderate demand - I'll gladly add your further Feedback and upvote to the topic!