Video walkthroughs

  • Not from within Enscape, but you can use the built-in windows "game mode" recorder to capture the screen as you are "playing" enscape like a game. (or there are loads of other screen capture/streaming programs)

  • Hi everyone, having a good play with recording video paths, does enscape have the ability to record walk mode live?

    So you would like to record the output of Enscape in general, without making use of any further capturing software? Should that be the case, then I'd gladly file it as a feature request. Maybe you also like to add some further wishes/ideas to the feature request, or is a third party capturing software already doing the trick for you?

  • I, too, am very interested in this subject, and would love to be able to capture and share pre-recorded walkthroughs to review with clients and colleagues in a VR environment.

    To clarify, I don't mean a screen-recording or simple video. I'm referring to a pre-recorded VR tour along a set path as set up through Enscape.

    I was thinking something along the lines of a 3-5 minute prerecorded path/flythrough that you can then share with a client for them to watch on their end. Almost like a VR video they can “inhabit”. They would obviously need their own VR equipment, but it would be nice to be able to achieve this guided tour without any complicated procedures like tethering via Prospect.

    I'll post this under "Ideas and Requests" as well, and elaborate a bit on the background for this potential feature.