4k resolution

  • I personally find Enscape's 4k resolution setting a bit confusing.

    I would prefer to have '2160p' or 'UHD' as the name, and have 3840x2160 pixels of resolution.

    Enscape always had 720p, HD (1280x720), and 1080p, Full HD (1920x1080), and well received. They are both 16:9 ratio.

    The logical next 16:9 resolution to support is, UHD (3840x2160). If you litterally double 1080p, it becomes 3840x2160.

    But, instead, Enscape supports 4096x2160, named 4k, which is 17:9 ratio.

    If you do a bit of research in this, 4k is technically correct to have 4096x2160 as is a TV standard. But, is not used very much, especially in computer graphics and videos.

    See YouTube's settings as an example:

    Consumer TV's and computer monitors rarely have actual 4k, 4096x2160 as the native resolution.

    Instead, they just market by saying 4k UHD, to confuse their consumers even more confused.

    *I don't know why Enscape also decided to support 1024x768, as it is quite random, but less concerned about this.

    I kindly suggest to include '2160p' or 'UHD' (3840x2160), in the resolution option and keep current '4k' if you want to be technically correct.


    Maybe you can overhaul the resolution settings to include setting the image ratio, and pick some standards from very useful image below:


    And yes, I know, I can just set to 'Custom' and set resolution to 3840x2160. Just saving your keystrokes here :)