Sparkling objects in VR

  • Hi,

    I'm having strange behaviour with surfaces in VR. All surfaces sparkle which seems to slow down VR and makes the image unclear. The materials are not even glossy or metallic. The objects look normal when not in VR. Any idea what's the effect and how to turn it off? See the attached video clip.

  • Rick Marx

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  • mnenonen , definitely keep DLSS and Denoiser off in VR if you have not set up a high resolution for the headset itself - Otherwise, it can lead to artefacts as the upsampling tries to produce a faithful image with not enough information available due to a low resolution and that stretched over a large field of view doesn't yield nice results.

    In any case, to further help with the VR output you should be able to increase the resolution and/or add supersampling depending on which VR headset you own. If possible, you can also adjust the refresh rate for a smoother experience in case you were not aware of that already.