Enscape is not compatible with sketchup

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  • Enscape is simply not compatible with sketchup, batch render will not work & I have to render every single camera individually. I tried to explain that the enscape window doesn't follow the sketchup camera set up & all I got back from costumer service is I have to set up everything in Enscape & stop the synchronized view option & set all views up in enscape, then just say that your software is not compatible with sketchup, plain & simple X(

  • I have the same issue that enscape export and Sketchup export cannot match in terms of image size in Photoshop.
    We do a lot of after editing with Photoshop after exporting an Enscape, we overlay enscape exports with our Sketchup 2D image exports.
    Views from Enscape always gets cut off or cropped, nothing like the scenes setup in SKP Scenes (two point perspective)

    This is an on-going issue and seems like no one knows how to resolve it.

    They have been telling me turning on Synchronized Views and check "Use view aspect ratio", none of these things are working.
    In older enscape version the views can match perfectly with just turning on Synchronized Views in enscape.

    Not sure what can be done here, it really affects our studio workflow.