Transluscent gradient material

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  • Hi everybody
    I work in architectural visualisation using enscape. Unfortunately I'm unable to have a proper gradient with transluscent material.
    I've tried several tips, *.psd file, *.AI file, each time a png, but the rendering is some kind of noisy, whatever resolution I use (till Ultra).

    I've also tried to make multiple material from 95% to 0% opacity, but the rendering is still unsatisfying.

    Maybe the resolution of the gradient png is a problem, I mean the dpi.

    Here's a pic of what I get.

    If you have a solution... Thanks for reading

  • I'm assuming you've got the png as part of the glass material, instead try this:

    Have a normal glass material without any maps and then have a separate single thickness object/group/face with the fritting png applied and either bury it in the thickness of the glass or behind it if there's no thickness to the glass.

    • Helpful

    Just tried and got this:

    The trick was setting the fretting material to 94% opacity, 95% and above got me the 'gritty' look you have.

    I've attached a zip with the png I knocked up and the SketchUp model.