Cleaning up a file before Enscape Render?

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  • Hello everyone. I am very new to Enscape and was wondering what is the best way to clean up my SketchUp model before I start the Render process? I have the Thom Thom cleanup3 but have never really used it? Not sure what settings with in clean up 3 I should select?

    I have attached the cleanup3 window that pops up showing the the options to select. Just not sure which ones I should be selecting? Any help would be greatly appreciated?

    Thank you so much!


  • Hi Winston, I use often;


    Scope - Selected: otherwise it will check the whole project you are working on - also the models into your project who has been already cheked

    Show statistics: gives feedback and thus control to roll back the changes made

    Layers - Geometry to Layer0: may depend from your workflow


    Merge coplanar faces: - If you divided a plane into plural faces/ materials it will revert it to one the plane / material

  • If you've never used Cleanup³ beware: Always save or make a backup copy of your project before running it as some of the options can break things in ways that are irreversible. Had this happen to me once, ruined a couple hours of work. Still love the plugin though.