looking to get a laptop, any suggestions?

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  • Could you tell us more about your budget?

    So I can recommend a good one

    By the way, you have to search for Rtx 3060,3070 ..3080 with 8GB Vram at least.

    Try to make sure of the TDP of the GPU should be at least 100 and I recommend 130 watt as more wattage means more performance

    I prefer Ryzen CPU for multitasking working than Intel

    And The Ram should be 32 GB OR MORE

    Screen is very crucial also so QHD screen would be awesome or you can try external 4K screen

    My Laptop is Lenovo legion 5 pro and it's a Beast , you can check it out

  • Two categories of laptop:

    1) Battery life

    2) Performance

    Option #1 typically is/has:

    - Long battery life

    - Marketed as "thin and light."

    - Mobile low power CPU variant

    - SoC graphics (on the CPU) OR a specific low powered (limited version) mobile variant dedicated GPU ("Max-Q" for Nvidia)

    -Although the latest 3x series nvidia mobile GPU are harder to plainly understand which power variant they are using/spec'ing.

    - Poor thermal control

    Option 2 typically is/has:

    Abysmal battery life.

    Higher performance mobile CPU variant

    Higher performance dedicated GPU

    Louder fans and better thermal control.

    I'd recommend a "gaming" laptop. ROG, Legion as mentioned are both great. I'll also throw Razer into the ring as well as somewhere between sleek design and max performance. FYI, you can also get an external graphics enclosure for when the laptop is at a desk and you want to really max out GPU performance. It'll just cost you some $$$.

    I'll also agree with @huss191998 here that AMD is doing some good stuff lately on all CPU fronts and worth serious consideration.

    Last FYI - DO NOT buy an Intel i9 CPU on a laptop. Thermal management just makes it a non-starter and a waste of money.

  • Yes, Skip the i9's. Spend the money on GPU upgrades for rendering - particularly to Enscape and other real-time render engines. Laptop's lately just haven't been able to cope with the added thermals that i9's provide to make it a meaningful use of $$.

  • Hi !

    I have just bought the Asus TUF 17" with a ryzen 7 and rtx 3070 for only 1750$.
    You can easily upgrade the SSD and RAM.

    It's ultra portable and perfect to run all of these software and in terms of price.

    I'm also surprised about how cool it remains when I'm working on heavy 3D models.

    In addition to that, it can run all of the latest video games at max settings (Cyberpunk, Forza Horizon) in 60fps !