Sky saturation

  • is this a joke?

    Well No - Photoshop would be the best approach to increase or decrease the saturation of the sky.
    You can globally adjust the saturation of your render in the setting panel however you can also accomplish in PS so that your not affecting the rest of the image.

  • Dear jtubb, I will make an effort to say this in a friendly manner. I hope it doesn't sound too rude.

    My original post was a Feature Request, not a Question. I did not ask how to do this in Post.

    We have started using Enscape specifically because of the Realtime and VR possibilities it offers. This has nothing to do with a high quality Render which will go into Post-prod which by the way I would personally never intend to produce with Enscape.

    I understand that your 'Photoshop' Approach might be of help to a few unexperienced people.

    Specifically those who don't know how to use it... Not my case.

    Have a nice day.

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    All good alan_e,
    Your delivery could be polished, however, not offended at all. I suppose the original question was a bit vague. I can see this need when post processing isn't available especially within VR.

    possible solution that you should try. Results will vary but it should get you closer to what your looking for.

    This is all done within engine and should translate into VR.

    Each image progression is built on the last.

    Starting with everything in the standard default setting.

    Under "Image" decrease highlights to about 80% then under "Atmosphere" increase Sun Brightness to 160%
    To increase the saturation even more go back to "Image" and increase Saturation to 120%

    if you need more then further adjust these settings

  • alan_e , to join the discussion as well, I would also love to know more specifically why you would require the ability to only adjust the saturation of the sky.

    If you would like to overall increase/decrease the saturation instead and it's not a problem to you that the scene generally is affected by the saturation live in your VR walkthrough, then jtubb above posted a great little guide as well. Usually, a bit of added saturation doesn't hurt in VR but it's a matter of preference, but if the sky is actually oversaturated to you, let me know as well.

    Finally, should the existing sliders adjust the saturation, sun brightness and so for whatever reason not be sufficient for you, let me know and we can then adjust the existing feature request on our agenda. :) Thanks!

  • Demian Gutberlet

    Dear Demian

    Rick Marx responded promptly and correctly on this topic. Your development team should be able to recognize the implications and importance of this request.

    Again, this feature request is very simple: we have an overall saturation slider which is already great. Personally, I would like to have an additional slider that will ONLY adjust the Sky saturation, without affecting the rest of my scene. I do not want to fiddle around with highlights, sun brightness and overall image saturation in order to achieve this. These are all great adjustments which serve their own purpose.

    Sometimes a saturated sky works fine but many times you will find that a less saturated sky will help with the 'final image'.

    This adjustment should not affect the rest of my rendering, artistically speaking.

    We are using Enscape for its quick realtime and VR capabilities, this means we are specifically trying to avoid any Post-Editing.

    All in all I must say we are very happy working with Enscape at the Office and we are very enthusiastic about your planned Macintosh release in 2022.

    Thank you!

  • Hi alan_e

    As we had discussed this request internally, our Product Management team wanted to know in more detail the use case for this and so Demian followed up on this.

    This is also so they can judge the importance of this request better as we have not had any similar requests so far.

    In any case, thank you for the additional information, we will pass it on!

  • OK Perfect, Thanks for the explanation. Thinking about the possibilities, this could be a first step into simulating different types of weather or seasons.

    For example, we have a lot of gray skies during the winter here in Europe, but if I look out the window, the buildings still have enough color, it's mostly the sky that has turned gray.


  • Great idea!

    If implemented, please consider allowing the "visible" effect of any sky be adjusted independently of the rest of the scene or changing the contribution to lighting.

    In many scenes, in order to achieve the light contribution desired, the visible sky brightness becomes washed out. While this may be realistic, it is often not desirable.

  • In many scenes, in order to achieve the light contribution desired, the visible sky brightness becomes washed out. While this may be realistic, it is often not desirable.

    +1 on this. I get that Enscape is trying to replicate real-world conditions, but those physical translations don't necessarily capture the "feel" of a building or image, as in real life the human eye and brain continually compensate. Sometimes it is helpful to be able to adjust just to get a certain look, so more settings with that in mind might be useful.

    This is getting off topic, but for one example - Chromatic Aberration - I wish this would default to zero. In my mind it is basically just replicating an undesirable lens artifact. I get that some people want to create images that look like photos, but for our users it mostly just leads to messier post-production.