Single Point Animation

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  • Hi,

    I'd like to create an animation from one single point that shows the sunlight changing across a room. I've tried setting up two key frames with different times set but because the camera is in the same spot it doesn't show any time lapse between the two frames.

    Any thoughts? Any help would be great!


    • Official Post

    Hi mkalahele , let me elaborate the process to achieve this kind of time-lapse:

    - Start Enscape and head to the location where you want to create your time-lapse

    - Open the Video Editor by pressing "K" on your keyboard

    - Press "K" two more times to create two keyframes in the same place

    - Click on the just created keyframe below (note that they're stacked onto each other, so you'll head into your second keyframe first):

    - Now that you're in the second keyframe, activate "Time of Day", set your end time of day and further activate "Timestamp" and set the duration of your time-lapse:

    Please make sure to click "Apply" after the changes have been made.

    After clicking apply, click the little arrow icon which is marked orange in the picture above. This will take you to your first keyframe.

    - Now that you're in the first keyframe, please activate the "Time of Day" function as well and set your start time of day:

    Please make sure to click apply after this procedure as well.

    That should do the trick. You can now click "Leave" to leave the "Keyframe Editor" and press the "Preview" button in the Video Editor, or "P" on your keyboard to see your time-lapse.

    If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please let me know!