Enscape Crash Upon Initial Launch from Large Revit Model

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  • Hello Enscape Team,

    I am currently running the preview version 3.2.0-preview.9+61460:

    Before that, I was running the latest stable non-preview version. With both versions of Enscape, the application would crash after loading when I start Enscape in Revit. I am working in a large Revit model with a very large toposurface and lots of Enscape Planting Assets. That said, I could previously start and use Enscape in this Revit model with no problem -- now, I cannot get Enscape to start when working in this Revit model. I'm happy to send the Revit model for diagnosis. This project is still in design and sending the Client renderings and video-walkthroughs to confirm their decisions is crucial, so I'm hoping you can help me troubleshoot this.

    The exact problem description is that I hit the Enscape "Start" button and then the Enscape Application Window opens as well as the Enscape loading screen pops up. It loads successfully to 100% and then the loading window disappears, after this is typically when the Enscape Application Window then pops up to the front of the open windows that I have on my computer and runs without a hitch. Instead of popping up, the Enscape Application Window crashes and then closes, sometimes it also closes the Revit application along with it.

    Enscape starts / opens / renders without a problem when launched from different Revit models, it's just when I start Enscape from this Revit model.

    Thanks for your help,

    Mark Santa Claus

  • Hi MNichols

    If you haven't done so already, in the first instance to help us better understand this issue, could you please send us a feedback report including the log files as seen here so we get more information.

    Please also add my name and a link to this thread in the description for context.

  • Hi Rick,

    I sent the feedback report including log files before I created this thread and then copy and pasted my error description into the thread above -- so I missed the boat for being able to add your name and a link to this thread in the feedback report. No worries though, the Enscape team got back to me and I'm working on troubleshooting it.