Assets don't show material when placed in a Revit Family into a project

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    Select the family, click "edit family", check the "shared" box, load back into the main family, and then load the main family into the project

  • In case you were wondering why this fixes it:

    How enscape assets work is Enscape looks at each instance (object) in your project and checks if it's an asset placeholder and needs to be replaced with an asset. By default, if you nest a family inside another family, that object is considered a single (merged) object. And thus Enscape wouldn't see it as an asset. If you make a nested family shared, it means that you tell Revit: there are two distinct objects. When Enscape requests the list of objects from Revit, it will now submit both the 'main' family as the nested family.

    So what luteb was getting is just the (simplified) placeholder, not the actual rendering geometry. So it wasn't like only the material was failing to load, the placeholder was just not being replaced by an asset at all (hence: simplified geometry + no materials).