JPEG Quality Level adjustments

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  • Hi there,

    when saving 4k renders they can easily achieve file sizes >5mb which can make it harder to send via eMail. JPEG image compression allows for a quality level to be set, in a lot of software products you can adjust that quality level (100 = max quality, 0 = lowest quality) while saving to reduce file size drastically while not sacrifing visuals all too much.

    A recent 4k render I did was 5,45mb in size on the standard Enscape output quality level (100 I'd presume), by running it through Gimp in order to adjust the quality level to 94 it went down to 2,56mb which is 54% file size reduction for a very negligible sacrifice in image clarity which makes it way faster and easier to send some renders on a whim via email.

    Please give us either the option to set a quality level in the Output tab or an option button in the save dialogue to set the JPEG quality level.

    Thanks. :)

    • Official Post

    Thank you MatthiasL , that is a great feature request I have gladly forwarded!