Vive Focus 3 VR Controls

  • I am attempting to use Enscape with the Vive Focus 3, and having issues with the controls. I would expect the Left and Right joysticks to control movement and elevation, as is typical on other devices, but they are inactive. Instead, the inside triggers seem to be mapped to these controls, which does not really work. Is it possible for the movement and elevation controls to be mapped to the joysticks?

    Thank you.

  • Hey dfersh - At least from Enscape's side it's not yet possible to remap the VR controller layout. I will forward your inquiry to our developers as well though to see if this is something we may be able to add in the future. It may not be ideal but you could perhaps also use an Xbox 360 / One controller to navigate the scene this way when it comes to simple movements without teleporting and such.

  • Thanks for the response Demian Gutberlet - I always prefer to have users teleport through a scene, and I don't think it would be realistic to hand an Xbox controller to a client for use. I have used several other VR devices, and the controller interface is always pretty intuitive. Unfortunately for the Vive Focus 3, the controls simply do not work. The inside trigger does not allow for any directional movement, which would be required to move around in fly mode. To clarify, I do not want to customize controls, I just want the controls to be functional for the Focus 3.

  • I fully understand dfersh , I will forward your feedback to our developers to see what could be done about this.