Default 2D Representation for trees asset in Revit (and ArchiCAD, Vectorworks, well)

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  • I wonder if you could integrate 2D representations of the tree family in your asset library with traditional style graphics for plans and elevations instead of the graphics of the proxy like the images below. I know it is possible to link user-made familes with Enscape assets but it would save your users a lot of time and make them happier as more and more architectural firms around the world ultilize Enscape in their BIM workflow nowadays.

    Thank you a lot!

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    Thank you for your feature request and a warm welcome to our Forum hoanghuy1903 , pardon the delayed response but your Feedback has been forwarded a while ago already! :)

  • This goes for ArchiCAD as well...

    I sent you some ideas about a year ago... It is pretty easy to program and can just be the same for all trees (with a user selection of 2d graphic.