Release 3.2 | Asset Renaming Activities

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  • Dear Forum Community,

    Hopefully, you already had the chance to check out our new Release 3.2. We are really excited about the new features!

    You may already notice it, we worked on some restructuring of our asset names in the Enscape Asset Library.

    Due to the ongoing growth of our library, we were running into more and more issues in regards to our asset names. In the past Enscape was only available in English, but today Enscape supports 8 different languages in the software. We have to make sure that the names are in shape to be consistent throughout every language.

    We started with renaming our vegetation assets, people assets, and animal assets. For the next release, there will be more categories affected by this overhaul. Please notice, the loading time might increase if you start the library for the first time after the update.

    In parallel, we are also working on improving the UI for the asset library to make it even easier to find the assets you need.

    Let me know if you have any feedback on that topic.
    Lena :)

  • Lets say you have a project which already holds an asset that was named "asset name A". And lets say this asset was renamed in the library to "asset name B" (but underneath it's still the same asset). What happens if I now load this "asset name B" into the project?

    Will I now have two different assets in my project (scenario A), or will it continued to be named "asset name A" if it already exists in the project (scenario B).

    I'm asking because we often modify assets families in Revit to make them look better in plan or change the category for scheduling. Scenario A would break our workflow and Scenario B would not.

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