Enscape 3.2 3dconnexion Spacemouse Issues

  • Using Revit 2021 with Enscape Version 3.3.0. I click the Lock Horizon button in 3DConnexion settings, but it doesn't appear to do anything? Is this what others are experiencing?

    For me the Lock Horizon function started working after the last update. I am on Revit 2022 and 2023 Enscape Version 3.3.1. Are you not able to update to 3.3.1?

  • Thanks RandalRDesign,

    3DConnexions' Windows 10 driver- 64 bit version and Enscape version 3.3.1 + 75071 (the latest release versions as far as I know) do now seem to work OK with Revit 2023 hotfix 1.

    With Enscape linked to Revit 2023 the trick does seem to be to enable 'Lock Horizon' in the 3DConnexions' Enscape menu. My preference is to also reverse the direction of all the joystick directions in the same menu.

    If your Revit model appears in Enscape not horizontal I find tapping the 'F' key or other hotkey on the Spacemouse will place it level.

    Walk Mode in Enscape still does not work - it can be enabled in the menu bar but it immediately flips back to Fly Mode.

    FWIW in Revit 2023 the Spacemouse is too sensitive by default but this can be cured by selecting an object to pivot round in Revit first and then the Spacemouse uses the same pivot. There are no pivot point choices in the Revit menu for the Spacemouse (it recognises the current application).

    A big relief to have the Spacemouse usable again. I do wish software developers would stop using customers as beta-testers though :/ :)

  • For anyone else like me, who can't see the obvious...:rolleyes: :)

    If your Spacemouse in Enscape - or Revit - even after the latest driver updates, makes movement very 'twitchy' and is over-sensitive, just pull back the 'Speed' slider on the first page of the 3D Connexions settings menu.

    It seems to me that movement in some axes is more sensitive than others :/