Enscape 3.2 crach on simple projects for Rendering Ultra HD Picture

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  • downloaded the new version - exciting videos have seen shared.

    curiosity is high...

    open a smal project, in :revit: 2020. started Enscape, set the camera and tried to export a picture. but CRASH....
    Resolutuion is set to Ultra HD - like to support 4K-Monitors. got the response from Support to reduce the Resolution.... In 3.1. I could render several pictures in a row in Ultra HD without trouble....

    this issue is reported.

    I am writing this post, because I someway hate to get reply like:

    - purge your project,
    - use scopeboxes

    - reduce materials

    - try to get the newest graficcard driver

    maybe I am wrong, but would be nice to have a software running not only on the newest laptops/hardware and every time requieres the newest updates for graphiccards.

    Please Enscape - the Software is awesome - but please be aware, that the user sometimes has not the possibility to get everything as new as possible but still want to use your application....

    • Official Post

    Ofri , thank you for your post - it is of course not required to have the latest laptops/hardware and we strive to have Enscape run on as many machines as possible. I can see that my colleague has responded to you as well and we're also currently investigating any issues which may cause this behavior besides running out of graphics card memory.

    Still, updating the GPU drivers when a new version comes out is usually a good idea and should not take long. That is because if we keep adding new features that also improve the rendering output, then it's natural as these new drivers usually add additional components and adjustments required to deal with these added functionalities. One example would be "DLSS" in this case, without the proper driver updates this feature could simply not be used.