White ground option would be nice

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    Hi Jorgensen , thanks for your post.

    First off, have you made sure, that the hdri you're using doesn't have a black ground in the first place? You may want to look for a specific hdri with a white ground instead as we take the hdri as is.

    Further, the ground in the "White Ground" preset is perceived as grey, because white is only white if there is enough light available in the environment. So it depends on the time of day, but also on the "Exposure Brightness" which you can increase in the "General" tab of our Enscape settings.

    Does this already help you further, or would you still like me to file a feature request which would allow you to define the ground height of our horizons? :) Also, please be aware that it will not technically be possible to lower the horizon in a hdri skybox, because the skybox is just an image. The camera can not be changed in an image after it has been taken.

  • Demian Gutberlet I shifted horizon lines of HDRI at Vray per shifting/scaling the HDRI. It was working. ;) OK, it could cause problems at the lower pole, but this is invisible most.

    I would be careful with a HDRI with complete white ground, it could cause a wrong lighting look since upward directed surfaces could get to much light. Maybe only a white ground in the near of the horizon line would help here.

    A quick solution could be a cylindrical ring around the scene with soft transparency. Or the ground is a flat bowel with soft edges. So, Enscape doesn't need to be changed too. ;)