Custom assets are no longer visible in the Categories 3.2

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  • I have been testing 3.2 before i rollout to all staff and I have noticed that all our offline custom assets are no longer visible in the Categories or via tags,

    I have also noticed that the categories now have icons from each type when in now online mode, which can see that there is now a Categories.json file at the root folder.

    Has the update had an impact on offline custom assets, is that why we can't see any of our offline custom assets that are on our central location for all staff on the server as we have done since 2.9 and was visible via the Enscape Asset category and tags while pointing to our server location

    I have tested on my local PC and have the same outcome without being able to see our offline custom assets within the Enscape Assets tab.

    we normally modify the Assets, json file so that it has the correct Asset Category or tags to help with staff finding what they are after, Do these files now have extra information that needs to be altered so that its visible in the catergories.

    images attached are what we currently see now in 3.2 and also what it was like in 3.0, I will also attached one of the json files from our custom assets


    Current verision 3.2

    Version 3.0