ENS asset inside face me components

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  • I have put a person asset inside a face me component so I wouldn't have to rotate and Use few of them to make all four elevations.. unfortunately I was unable to make it appear in ENS Preview window.. I know the very good point of 3D modeled tree or person is that it can be looked at from every angle but still just letting know the issue.. Cos useful or not, it is a difference in display in sKetchup and ENS.. Any asset inside another component disappears from ENS Preview as soon as You add to it 'always face camera' property..

  • Thanks a lot, Tomasz Drgas , this may in fact unfortunately not be possible currently due to technical limitations, but I have filed this inquiry of yours as a feature request as well so that our developers are aware of the demand for this particular functionality. Perhaps we could provide our own method as well in the future which would work independently from SketchUp.