Please bring back the walk mode for 3D connexion space mouse!!!

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  • The walk mode is essential for proper use of a 3D mouse in Enscape. All this new functionality gained by the change that has been made is not worth the loss of this function. All I personally have done with all the new options is to set them so the 3D mouse functions exactly the same as it did in the previous version. Was this change a request by users? Is there a greater vision I am not aware of?

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    Hey stphn74 , please kindly refer to this already existing thread here. Plus the excerpt of interest from our developers:

    "this is intended. Enscape 3.2 supports the newer space mouse drivers now. With that the control of the camera is entirely in the hands of the space mouse driver, which means we cannot handle collisions in walkmode anymore."

    Our hands are thus tied here, unfortunately, for the time being.

  • I actually never use walk mode because of constantly running into things. I previously could control fly mode in a way that keeps it basically at head height and that way I do not run into things and bounce. like this…4dqk3/3dmouseFly.mp4?dl=0

    so losing walk mode is not a big deal for me.,, The big deal is that it now switches mid-walk from rotating to zooming in Object mode which is basically uncontrollable. I use this every day to present designs so losing it is not good. I am hopeful there can be some solution to this as it is way more important to my workflow than any of the new features in 3.2