Roadmap for the Video editor

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  • prg.tojei I don't know if you read the older entries in the thread, but this thread is about the Enscape video creator, not a third-party video editing software. If this is an ad for third-party software those aren't allowed on the forum.

    On a side note, this thread turns 2 years old tomorrow and nothing has changed on the video creator side of things. I would love to know why this doesn't seem to be a priority of Enscape and why the development of the software has gone way down since the Chaos acquisition. That is not to say there is no development or the development is bad, I just want that to be clear. But Enscape in 2017-2018 would have had a fix for the editor in two months, in two years since, nothing other than a post saying it's being floated in the developmental meetings has touched the topic. I also understand software gets more complex as features get added so that affects the dev time, but two years for a UI update. Really??? What the hell is going on? Has Enscape just accepted defeat and is getting ready for the moment D5 runs its corps over? Once D5 releases the ability to export stand-alones, I consider Enscape dead in the water. I truly wish that wasn't the case.