Proxy / linked model reload button?

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  • Hi

    Can we have an reload button for the proxies / linked models?

    - i have inserted a tree

    - opened the tree in an other instance of sketchup

    - modified the materials

    - saved the model

    - went back to the other sketchup and selected the tree model again under linked model

    - nothing changed

    - i then pressed the "linked model" button

    - selected an other model

    - opened the link again, and selected the tree from before

    - then changes was updated

    It seems you can't reload a model - well i can't, if i don't use this workaround.

    But I might do it the wrong way?



  • Thanks Vendel3D

    I was not aware of that, but if i right click > select reload, and browse to the model, and select the model, all the proxies are gone.

    That was not what i needed, but maybe I did it wrong, or I did not explain what I search for.

    A simple reload button for the enscape proxies inserted in the current model, so I easily can update proxies i modify in an other instance of sketchup.


  • I still don't get it - I just wan't an easy way to reload a enscape proxy.

    An example -


    I have a chair linked in.


    Then I open an other instance of sketchup.

    Edit the material of the chair in the Encape material editor and save the file.


    Then I wan't to reload the chair that has changes.

    I open the Enscape Objects, link to the chair again - but nothing happens.

    I then link to an other chair, wait for it to load, then relink to the edited chair - and i works.


    I wish a simple reload button that forces Enscape to reload the model.


  • Jorgensen Enscape watches the filesystem for changes. If Enscape is notified that a linked skp file is changed, that file is automatically reloaded. If this does not work, please send feedback. Perhaps we can see in your log files what is going wrong.

    Is the linked skp file by any change located on a network share?

  • Hi Simon Weinberger

    The linked file is on my ssd external hd. I just tried to move the linked file to c:\ and then it works!

    But that's not the best solution.

    If it's not possible to automate this feature (does it cost resources to check for updates?) on external or network drives - a reload button would do fine.


  • We save most of our design files on network servers. Currently I have a model saved on the network with proxy files saved onto my Local hardrive and as I make changes the proxy automatically updates as intended (awesome!). However when having those proxy files on the network servers they do not automatically update.

    Any help is appreciated, thank you!

    EDIT: Using Enscape 2.4 with Sketchup 2017 and 2018