Multi assets is Great but !

  • In Rhino we have a great cad tools for transformation and Enscape insist on making its of Manipulation tool like Gumball in Enscape for reason ( It may be useful for Sketchup or Revit users but not for us )! I don't know why you exert effort for something we don't need it as we have a lot of Gaps that are crucial than this feature, multi assets placements would be better if we created it from Rhino itself as I have noticed Enscape processing for mult assets is very slow.

    Chaos group made it right in Vray 5.2 and it's very fast and it has a lot of customization compared to Enscape

    I hope Enscape take care of the competitors well for its new roadmap as the development speed is not the same like Vray ,D5 render or Twinmotion

  • huss191998 , thanks for the Feedback - We're already in the works of speeding up the process overall and especially when it comes to multiple Assets being placed at once. We also understand that arguably this feature may be more valuable in some CAD solutions compared to others, but still wanted to provide it for every software we support. This feature is of course generally still a work in progress and will evolve naturally over time, so I appreciate the input including the video which I'll forward to our PM team as well.